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We're involved in a number of projects, and are always looking for hardworking, talented people to partner with.  Reach out if you're interested in working with David, and we'll be in touch.


Scott Technology Group is a document technology company that has been serving California businesses since 1995.  While serving as a parent company in many of David's other ventures, STG has a core mission of helping clients streamline business processes to maximize their potential for success.  We are always looking for business-savvy Account Managers who are interested in joining our team.

Scott Pure Water is a point of use water purifier company.  We rent and maintain reverse osmosis water coolers for California businesses.  As an independently owned dealer for Pure Water Technology (WAAS), SPW is always looking for growth and expansion opportunities.  

David is specifically interested in partnering with someone to start a premium coffee delivery and break room service business.  This would add value to existing water client by enabling SPW to offer "refreshment stations", including coffee, tea, and light snacks in foyers and conference rooms. 

David is a HUGE HODLer of DIVI, and has been involved in the DIVI Project since the first round of the ICO.  As an emerging cryptocurrency with ambitions to "make crypto easy", DIVI is poised to become a top 50 coin Coin Market Cap.  We're interested in partnering on a web-based crypto business which will both increase our DIVI holdings, and allow us to do business with the DIVI community.


We see the promotional products market as an under served industry, and are looking for talented individuals who are creative and passionate about running a promotional products business.


David is always looking for help with improving the social media presence of his business ventures.  If you're a social media guru and want to chat, please reach out.



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